Monday, April 27, 2015

Canadian Patent Update: the 2015 Federal Budget

On  April 21, 2015 the Canadian Government released the federal budget plan for 2015. This budget proposes to amend Canada's Patent Act, Trademark ActIndustrial Design Act, and Copyright Act in order to be more current with international intellectual property trends, particularly those of the other common law countries (Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom). The Government states: "Economic Action Plan 2015 proposes to further modernize Canada’s intellectual property framework to keep pace with internationally recognized best practices" (Economic Action Plan 2015, Page 113). These amendments will influence communication between agents and their clients. As well, one of the proposed changes is to be able to extend deadlines in the event of majeure events such as floods and ice storms, like the major ice storm that hit eastern Ontario and western Quebec in 1998. These will be welcome changes.

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